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Event Highlights
Auto Finance & Leasing Forum
  • All round insight into auto rental and auto finance & leasing industry in Middle East Countries to better understand market entry and local situations

  • Official interpretation on VAT Update in Middle East and related influence for auto industry

  • Insights into the multi-win cooperation between different parties to satisfy customers’ needs for auto finance/ leasing as well as auto rental

  • Discussion on innovative connectivity technology in auto rental and leasing to improve efficiency and consumers’ experience

  • Exploration of the promising used auto market and used auto finance and leasing business as well as residual management

  • Introduction of latest IT solutions and default disposal for better risk control

  • Expansion of value-added services including auto insurance and extended auto warranty products to optimize business development

  • Great opportunity to identify potential partners and boost your business in Middle East

Equipment Leasing Forum
  • Authoritative interpretation of leasing-related regulation updates as well as market entry and local business models, supervision, licensing, accounting standards in the Middle East, including UAE, K.S.A., Oman etc

  • Special focus on VAT framework updates in GCC and development opportunities for leasing brought by reduced oil prices, Saudi Vision 2030 and ‘Dubai Expo 2020’and ‘World Cup Qatar 2022’, etc.

  • Closely tracking pioneer footprints in various vendor industries in the Middle East, including medical equipment, heavy duty equipment, technology and telecom equipment and more in office equipment, restaurant equipment, marine equipment etc

  • Deep insight into challenges and solutions of credit information collecting, risk management and customer selecting criterion in Middle Eastern leasing business

  • Comprehensive funding and financing channels innovation to maintain liquidity through Sukuk, banks, channel financing, financial institutions and other counterparts of more kinds

  • Optimizing profits and business development through optimal asset management and secondary market for smoother residual value trade

  • Premier platform to gain invaluable information and identify potential partners

We Offer Deep Insights Into
Auto Finance & Leasing Forum
  • Policy Dynamics & Market Analysis

  • Auto Rental and Fleet Leasing

  • IT Solutions and Risk Management

  • From Bank's View: Auto Finance

  • Local Business Model and Dealer's Roles

  • Used Auto Special

  • Auto Insurance & Future Profitability Exploration

Equipment Leasing Forum
  • Global Overview

  • Regulation Updates and Market Entry

  • Funding & Financing

  • Pioneer Footprints: Industry Focus

  • Credit Information & Risk Control

  • Asset Management & Residual Value Trade

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