Asia Auto Finance & Leasing Forum
  • Authoritative interpretation of relevant government policies, and industry report revealing business development trends

  • Insights into product diversity and business innovation for new & second-hand auto, new energy vehicles, commercial vehicles and fleet management

  • Discussion of emerging trends and profitability in the auto rental, auto finance, and /finance leasing sectors for different industry players

  • Information on optimizing auto industry financing channels and risk management, for sustainable business development

  • Detailed look at business channels for enhancing off-line operations in the wake of new retail models

  • Firsthand experiences in the “human-auto ecosystem”, detailing opportunities for growth and improvement

  • Exploration of AI and cutting-edge auto-finance technology to optimize your business

  • Study into the integration of auto finance with vehicle insurance/extended warranty and auto finance to innovate your finance products

  • Opportunity to identify potential partners and boost your business in China

Equipment Leasing Forum
  • Authoritative interpretation of VAT Reform, the IFRS Standards, and supportive government policies

  • Discussion of new trends and opportunities based on the latest industry data

  • Analysis of the prospects for the medical equipment, construction machinery, new energy, high-tech, and agricultural equipment sectors

  • Insights into innovative business models for the leasing industry that achieve growth under the One Belt One Road initiative

  • Trends and analysis of different financing channels, including traditional bank lending, ABS, ABN, PPN, and others

  • Emphasis on optimal risk management practices, detailing the importance of cooperation between lessors and vendors

  • Sharing of the trends related to overseas asset residual management, with case studies that grasp the new profit growth point

  • Trends related to asset residual management, with case studies revealing new profit growth points

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Beijing, China
Dubai, UAE
Asia Pacific

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