Summit Highlights

  • Thorough analysis of policy environment, market dynamics, in-car air quality, interior parts & materials, HCI and safety management in the current interior market

  • Evaluation of latest regulations on in-car air quality and research on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in passenger cars

  • Insights into the latest market trends for the vehicle interior industry and opportunities for both OEMs & OEs

  • In-depth case studies on functional seats , efficient seat management systems, and open exchanges among leading international auto players

  • Keys to establishing cost-efficient material supply chains, motor vehicle safety systems and intelligent vehicle interior systems

  • Information about intelligent designs and applications for vehicle interiors

  • Overview of testing and certification measurements and procedures

  • Exclusive platform for networking with industry leaders: expand your presence in China

Event Overview

  • Day One
    - Policy Environment
    - Market Dynamics and Forecasts
    - In-Car Air Quality
    - Vehicle Parts & Materials

  • Day Two
    - Technology & Innovation
    - Motor Vehicle Safety
    - Strategic Development
    - Component Testing and Certification

Duxes Auto Series Review

Duxes has a strong record of engagement with the automotive industry, dating back to 2008. Since then, Duxes has held events, covering the remanufacturing, powertrain, and telematics sectors, as well as those focusing on vehicle insurance and finance. Each Duxes auto event attended by representatives of leading professional associations, automotive OEMs, enterprises across the industry, and government agencies. Past delegates from events in Duxes’ Auto Series have consistently expressed satisfaction with their experience, noting the breadth and depth of industry knowledge covered, as well as the unique opportunity provided to meet collaborators in the field.

  • Duxes Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2016
    October 12-14, 2016
    Shanghai, China
  • 3rd China Telematics and Connected Vehicle Summit 2016
    May 11-13, 2016
    Beijing, China
  • 2nd China Telematics and Connected Vehicle Summit 2015
    January 14-16, 2015
    Beijing, China
  • China Fleet Management Summit 2014
    January 16-17, 2014
    Beijing, China

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