Eight Reasons Not to Miss the Summit
  • Authoritative interpretation of China, India and Southeast Asia’s insurance market by national supervision department

  • Hot discussion on which markets are expected to grow at the fastest pace in the mid-to-long term in Asia

  • Know well of health insurance, auto insurance, catastrophe insurance, captive insurance and trade credit insurance in Asia

  • Gain deep insight into the diversified distribution channels and catch up with the transformation of distribution channels, to cater to customers’ particular demands

  • Operation experience sharing by high-level executives on risk diversification, and lost prevention

  • Deep insight into Fintech and how block chain could reform the insurance industry

  • Optimizing insurance investment strategy with broadened investment channels

  • The premier platform for identifying potential customers and business partner

We Offer Insights On:
  • Day One
    - Market Overview
    - Industry and Product Access
    - Risk Control Pracitce

  • Day Two
    - Distribution Channels
    - Block Chain & Insurance
    - Asset Management

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