Eight Reasons Not to Miss the Summit
  • Authoritative interpretation from government authorities on insurance markets in China, India, and across Southeast Asia

  • Discussion revealing which Asian markets are projected for the fastest mid-to-long term growth

  • Detailed information on the health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and trade credit insurance sectors across the region

  • Firsthand testimony on risk control practices for preventing loss

  • The latest on the varied distribution channels for insurance, and how they have changed to meet market demand

  • Product innovation and improvements to claims settlement that satisfy customer demands

  • Insights into Fintech, and how block chain and AI will reform the insurance industry

  • Optimal insurance investment strategy enabled by diverse investment channels

We Offer Insights On:
  • Day One
    - Market Overview
    - Product Access
    - Risk Control Practices

  • Day Two
    - Distribution Channels
    - Improvements to Claims Settlement
    - Fintech: Block Chain Technology & Insurance
    - Asset Management

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