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Summit Explores Leading Role of Chinese Market in FinTech

The finance industry has been strongly affected by the use of new technologies, as new payment models, and tools such as cloud computing, blockchain, and big data analysis, have altered the landscape of doing business. China is leading the charge into a cashless future; in 2016, the volume of mobile payments doubled to an estimated $5 trillion. This explosive growth has had a substantial effect on retailers and financial institutions across Asia, and around the world, who have adopted cutting-edge payment technology in the hopes of establishing a foothold in the Chinese market.

On account of these developments, Duxes will hold the Global Annual FinTech Summit 2018 on May 21-22 in Shanghai. The summit will gather representatives of leading financial and technology companies, as well as policymakers, industry analysts and experts, to exchange ideas on important issues related to FinTech. Over the course of two days, speakers and panelists will address the regulatory regime for FinTech in China and other jurisdictions, applications for blockchain, cloud computing and big data in finance, as well as the expansion of Chinese mobile payment models around the world.

The 2nd China Fintech Summit 2018 furthers Duxes’ Financial Series of events, and offers a platform for debate, discussion, and collaboration in a growing industry. Professionals working in the finance industry, for technology companies, and related areas, are invited to attend.

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