May 18-19, 2017 • Crowne Plaza Shanghai, China
2017年5月18-19日 • 上海银星皇冠假日酒店

Please complete and fax the form to +86 21 55800309     请填妥后传真至:021-55800309

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RMB¥16,998 RMB¥
  • * 三人或三人以上报名即享10%折扣
  • * 10% OFF for THREE or More Delegates

The registration fee includes two-day event participation, simultaneous interpretation, paper/audio materials, and lunch buffet/tea-breaks provided by fivestar hotel. Duxes reserves the rights to make any final interpretations of the above.

  • 如需了解更多信息,请联系 Cathy Wang( 或拨打 +86 021 5580 0330 转 8989
    If you would like more information, please contact: Cathy Wang( or call: +86 021 5580 0330 ext. 8989

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    • 穆斯林餐 Halal Food
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  • 一定不要错过赞助或展示的机会
  • Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are limited
  • 有关赞助商的事宜请联系 Cathy Wang 电话:+86 021 5580 0330 转 8989 或email:
  • For more information about sponsorship, please contact Cathy Wang at +86 021 5580 0330 ext. 8989 or email:
    • 取消 Cancellation
    • 如果您不能参会,接替您出席的代表将不需要支付任何额外的费用;如果在会议召开前三十个工作日之前取消席位,您必须以书面形式通知我们,我们将扣除50%的注册费用,并附加收取注册费用的10%作为手续费。或者,您可以选择全价保留您的参会席位,在都赛公司以后举行的会议中使用;如果您在会议开始前的三十个工作日内取消席位将不予接受,您必须支付所有参会费用并且我们将不予退还您所付款项。
      Should you be unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. A charge of50% of the registration fee, plus a 10% administrative charge will be billed for cancellations received in writing at least thirty working days prior to the conference. Alternatively, you may choose to receive a credit voucher for the full value of the registration price, which may be deemed for future Duxes events. Duxes regrets that no cancellations will be accepted within thirty working days prior to conference start date, payments will not be refunded, and invoiced sums will be payable in full.
    • 隐私披露声明 Privacy Disclosure Statement
    • 您已注册参加Duxes的此次会议。Duxes将保留您所提供的信息并据此在未来向您告知相关的会议信息。我们可能将您的信息提供给希望与您取得联系的此次会议的赞助商或者其它信誉良好的机构。如果您希望我们对您的信息完全保密,请在中打勾。签署本报名表则视为您同意在与本次会议及后续会议有关的宣传材料及网站上使用贵公司的商标、名称及您的姓名是合法的。
      You have registered to attend a Duxes event. The information you have provided will be safeguarded by Duxes who will use it to keep you informed of relevant events in the future. We may wish to make your details available to sponsors of this particular event, or to other reputable organizations who may wish to contact you. Please tick this box if you would prefer your details to remain confidential. Signing this Registration Form means that you agree the use of the name, logo, and trademark of your company as well as your name on our relevant promotional materials and website of this summit and its subsequent summits is legal and acceptable.
    • 免责声明 Disclaimer
    • Duxes保留在不事先通知的情况下变动议程(包括但不限于主题、演讲嘉宾以及举办地)的权利。所有内容(包括但不限于主题、演讲嘉宾以及举办地)可能包含有待更新以及有待最终确认和执行的建议性设想。
      Duxes reserves the right to alter the program, including but not limited to the topics, speakers and venue, without prior notice. All contents, including but not limited to the topics, speakers and venue, may contain proposed intensions that are subject to updates and final confirmation and execution
    • 只购买资料 Documentation Only
    • 如果您不能参加会议但想要购买会议资料,请在下面的方框中打勾:
      if you are unable to attend the event but wish to receive copies of the conference documentation, please complete this form and tick the box below:
    • 是,我要购买会议资料,每份5000人民币,含邮资和手续费
      Yes, I would like to purchase documentation for RMB 5,000 per
      set, postage and handling included.