Event Highlights
  • Authoritative interpretations of fuel consumption, emission standards, GB1589 – 2016, and subsidy policies for new energy vehicles in China

  • Comprehensive statistical analysis of the diesel engine and commercial vehicle market in China

  • Advanced technical breakdown of emission control, lightweight technology, high-pressure diesel common rail, engine thermal management system, hybrid engine technology, and matching optimization in commercial vehicles

  • OEM and OE strategies for optimal business planning, through the pursuit of aftermarket development opportunities and new growth points

  • Sharing experiences regarding "car free carrier' solutions" unmanned technology commercialization, and intellectualization

  • Testimony for logistics companies and OEMs about the expansion of valueadded services such as telematics and E-commerce

  • Premier platform in China for business development and identifying partners

We Offer Insights On:
  • Pre-Event: Engine Special

  • Day One
    - Policy Updates & Market Climate
    - Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket

  • Day Two
    - Commercial Vehicle & Logistics
    - OEM Strategies and Intellectualization

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Event Review
Asia Pacific

Duxes has a long-standing tradition of producing informative events for China’s commercial vehical industry going back to its first Off-Highway Eginerring summit back in 2008. Since then, Duxes has held fifteen related events which have all been well-attended and graced with the presence of government officials and influential industry leaders. These events have covered issues such as legalities, the commercial vehicle and off-highway market (both domestic and international), government policies, new products and technologies, and more.

Each event has accomplished its mission of answering attendees’ questions and addressing their concerns regarding. Each year, surveyed delegates have expressed satisfaction and excitment for the next Duxes event, wherein one learns the intricacies of a business, shares experiences with other business experts, and makes valuable contacts for a lifetime.

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