Six Reasons Not to Miss the Summit

  • Authoritative interpretation of latest policies and regulations on local supervisory system, import and export trade regulations, emission standards, and fuel upgrading process for commercial vehicles in main Asia countries like China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and etc.

  • New profit points for spare parts suppliers and OEMs in a supportive context like TPP, etc.

  • Market overview, industry data and forecast of the Asia commercial vehicle industry, as well as the outlook of CV trading condition in Asia

  • Updated technologies in aftertreatment system, thermal management systems, light-weight trends, fuel injection systems, chemicals and etc.

  • Catching up with intellectualization trends in commercial vehicle market, innovating sales & marketing channel, telematics, fleet management systems and etc.

  • The opportunity for companies to identify potential partners and boost their business in the Asia-Pacific region

We Offer Insights On

  • Regional Economy and Policy

  • Market Climate and Forecast

  • Strategic Footprints and Demands of OEMs

  • Technical Updates

  • Intellectualization & Internet Plus

Delegate Profile

Event Review

2nd China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2016
April 20-22, 2016

China International Commercial Vehicle Summit 2015
April 15-17, 2015

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