Eight Reasons Not to Miss the Summit

  • Authoritative interpretation on market entry and supervision regulatory updates for vehicle aftermarket in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, etc

  • Comprehensive analysis of India aftermarket and explore the potential opportunities of Independent Aftermarket Development

  • Market data and analysis of vehicle aftermarket Asia Pacific including OEMs, dealers and individual workshops

  • OEM and OEs’ insights to optimize marketing strategies and distribution channels in Asia Pacific aftermarket

  • Study on the development of green vehicle and future benefits in vehicle aftermarket

  • Rising focuses on used car transaction and vehicle residual value development in ASEAN

  • Discussion on various ways of OEM’s customer maintenance in vehicle leasing and warranty extension, etc.

  • Opportunity for companies to identify potential partners and boost their business in the Asia-Pacific region

We Offer Insights On

  • Pre-event : India Vehicle Aftermarket Insight

  • Day Two
    - Regional Economy and Policy
    - Market Climate and Forecast
    - Customer Maintenance

  • Day Three
    - Strategic Footprints
    - Used Car Market Insight and Leasing

Event Review

Duxes Automotive Aftermarket Summit 2016

October 12-14, 2016 · Shanghai, China

Duxes has a long-standing tradition of producing informative events for automotive aftermarket field going back to its first Vehicle summit back in 2010. Since then, Duxes has held nineteenth events which have all been well-attended and graced with the presence of government officials and influential industry leaders. These events have covered issues such as policies and regulations, market environment (both domestic and international), new products and technologies, and more.

Each event has accomplished its mission of answering attendees’ questions and addressing their concerns regarding. Each year, surveyed Attendees have expressed satisfaction and excitment for the next Duxes event, wherein one learns the intricacies of a business, shares experiences with other business experts, and makes valuable contacts for a lifetime.

Some Previous Attendees